Founded in 1921 McGregor defines the American Sportswear standard for the collegiate lifestyle. The rich history of McGregor started in Scotland. The McGregor clan was one of Scotland’s most prestigious with direct Royal descendance from the original Gaelic kings.

David Doniger, a member of the Mcgregor clan, produced millinery with the famed classic tartan as its signature in Scotland in the late 19th century. The world industrialized, he immigrated to New York and in 1921 founded ‘McGregor’. Gradually, the combination of Anglo-American sportswear and classic tailoring, with its mix of casual and formal, relaxed and smart, came to typify the sartorial style of New York and as our influence grew, that of the whole of the country. In many ways, it became the epitome of Preppy – arguably the greatest contribution made by the US to the world of fashion.

Our collections were bought not only by Wall Street high-flyers but, increasingly, by younger, less conservative Americans and gradually they became part and parcel of the visual culture of the country. Now McGregoris   available in 3000 multi-brand stores, 265 shop-in-shops and more than 120 of  own stores.