Mario bruni

Mario Bruni founded in 1935 in Montegranaro, a small but productive community of Marche  In the wake of the economic boom that has affected Italy in the 60s and 70s the company began to expand more and more, becoming then, in the shoe Spring. From the combination of the names of the owners it saw the creation of Mario Bruni, long-established brand and appreciated internationally. Currently, with around 80 employees, the production has reached 500-600 pairs per day and although in recent years the production process was gradually mechanized, were never completely abandoned the old traditional methods. With the globalization of markets, the brand Mario Bruni has also seen to offer new opportunities, the countries of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union have shown particular interest in the proposals of the brand, but also the United States and now the Middle East and Arab countries are very promising markets, thanks to their strong internal development. Mario Bruni continues to be a brand of reference for the Italian market thanks to a product that is superior, to a recognizable style and a structured and effective advertising support.