Arabic Fashion Stores

Abu Nooran

Nooran Company was founded in 1991 by Iranian national Mr. Jasem Akbar at the old central Market, in the heart of Abu Dhabi, UAE.  Nooran

Al Motahajiba

As soon as all of the major infrastructures were fortified, the factory for Al motahajiba became the largest & best producing Gulf Style women garment

Ameerat al abayah

Store offers Wide range of Arabic clothing. It is renowned for attention to detail, and each abaya displays passion for intricate design and has a


Atlas  creates a new era of fashion where subtle elegance of asian handmades and inspiration of the beauty of arabian etiquette acquire a new ideal

Bait Al Kandora

Established In 2015, Bait Al Kandora quickly rose to become the first Emirati & Gulf designer menswear brand in the UAE and the market leader

Bedoon Essm

BEDOON ESSM is the leading manufacturer of ladies traditional clothing and fashionable bags since 1987 with more than 60 stores , it  has become sought-after

Boutique Ayla

Boutique Ayla is a multi-brand women’s fashion boutique, offering a curated selection of designs that cater to matching your style and budget for life’s special


HANAYEN founded in 1990  is one of the leading providers of the finest collection of “Abaya & Sheila” throughout UAE. The brand is a well

Jalabiat Yasmine

House of Jalabiat is a Dubai based retail brand specializing  in Pashmina Shawls & Exclusive Variety in Kashmire Hand Embroidery.  Store specialises in Jalabiyath, Abayath


Founded in 1989, Kashkha weaves tradition with contemporary fashion in a way that is characteristic of the times we live in – its popularity, therefore,


Louzan Fashion founded in 2003  is a luxury Ladies Abaya and Sheila brand for the contemporary Arabian lady. Crafted tailoring that is individual and elegant


Mashaykh offers a wide range of Arabic clothing.


Mauzan was born in 1990 in the United Arab Emirates. Crafted from the vivid dreams of its inspiring Founder and Designer, Rafia Helal Bin Drai.

Sweet lady

Sweet Lady is an operative core within a country wide network for developing and manufacturing high quality garments i.e. Abayas & Sheila’s for Muslim women